1. Prelims General Studies Courses:
  Real time Video recorded classes
   Supplementary printed material for Current Affairs
   Doubts and Queries resolved through e-mail, whattsapp and other online modes.
   Online Test Series on All the Topics with proper and comprehensive explanation, with facility of clearing doubt through online mode.
 Indian Polity: The course covers all the important provisions of the Constitution, Governance, Public Policy, Rights and relevant current developments.
 Ecology and Environment: Being a dynamic subject there is assimilation of current developments such as formation of environment groupings (UNEP, UNFCC, IPCC & CBD), various legislation in the World and India, covering the major biomes and regions as well as the current happenings in and around the World.
  Science & Technology: According to the questions being asked in UPSC the subject is being guided by the recent happenings in India and the World, in the field of energy, space, ICT, robotics, artificial intelligence, etc. It also includes various government initiatives towards R&D and their specific roles in agriculture, health, education and socio-economic development.
   Geography: The syllabus covers salient aspects of world and India providing the in depth knowledge of Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography, Human geography like the landscape formation, volcano, monsoon, ENSO, Indian Ocean Dipole, Current formation, population development etc. respectively. Also the map work covering the relevant and current updates on the location.
 Art and Culture: It covers cultural aspects from Ancient and Medieval History like literature, religion, Buddhism and Jainism, temple, Bhakti movement, Sufi movement, Painting, Sculpture, etc. Current aspects of Cultural development are also included.
  Modern History: It covers aspects of British Rule, Revenue system, Policies of Governors-General, Social reform movements. Specific attention is provided to Freedom Struggle and the important personalities involved in it.
Indian Economy: Basics of economy, concepts, GDP, GVA and related topics. Coverage of Budget and Economic Survey. Current schemes and policies of are included in it. Also covers the role of Digital India, Make in India, shaping the economy.
  Current Affairs: All the important events of National and International importance are covered. This course his based on the coverage of sources like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Press Information Bureau, Livemint, Business Line, India Year Book, etc

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